Gallery visit 

For this quarters Gallery Visit I made a trip to the Art Center on Lincoln Road, here I saw many various artists, designs, and sculptures. My most favorite was Alejandro Vigilante and his photograph or I should say a sort of collage puzzle piece. It was made up of squares with different textures on each. I also found the last image to be quite interesting because from far away it looks like a photograph but it is actually an extremely detailed painting of mans face.


Self Portraits

Here I am experimenting with self portraits and long exposure. I usually like to work with a white background but I wanted to try something different. When I use a white background with my other images it seems more fitting and lighthearted that when I use the black background it makes it feel kind of eery and it’s not really me so next time I’m going to stick using the white background. Also the white background works better with long exposure because it makes the image much lighter.


This is yet again one of my experiments with the television. For me, I really enjoy the graininess that comes with these photos because it somehow makes the image look more intense and as if it weren’t taken on a bright sunny day. I will have more photographs of this.

Slow Shutter Speed


I’ve been photographing myself for an art book that I just recently made in Bookmaking. This art book is all about revealing myself and getting to know me. This is one the photographs that I will e using in my upcoming page. The next pages are still undecided.

The art of television

These are some of the photos that I took over the weekend, Ive really explored the way that you can take a photograph through the television. Although i did not produce these ideas, I took these photos because I would like to do a series resembling this. These are just some of the pictures I am inspired to do.

Collaboration progress 

For our final art show, my classmate Lea and I decided to do a collaborative piece. These photos are just a glimpse of what you will be seeing later on this week. It was a hard process getting the lights straight and on the wall but we got it to work. We painted the walls all white and got RGB light bulbs to depict a sense of a main focal point. We will start shooting tomorrow.